gHold Meh
Michael, these melodies work really well. I will forward this song. I think that if the client is happy with the lyrics it has a good chance because the hook is pretty darned good.
- Pro Reviewer
gYour Worldh
Michael, this is a heartfelt and positive song. Very nice vocal performance and you
r voice sounds especially sweet on "so much more." The placement of the vocal in the mix
is nice and upfront and allows the nuances of your voice to come through on the track.
Melodically there is good contrast between sections and there is a well-crafted "rise" in the
chorus that helps it to stand out from the verse. The instrumentation is appropriately minimal
and works well. This is a pretty strong piece of music that I feel is worthy of being forwarded
for what is being requested in the listing.
- Pro Reviewer
gGo In Throught the Door,h gFollow Meh, gHold Meh
-Michael, Good execution structurally in this material. Sounds like you had a good handle on trying to have a good lead up into the chorus section, then build it up even more with a nicely structured harmony background section. All in all, good solid effort in the roots rock department that should be able get you some good bookings and motivation to keep writing and performing. - Pro Reviewer
gBe Here Nowh
- Love the intro and verse. Good build into your chorus. Very strong melody
on your first line of the chorus. Good interval jumps. Nice background harmonies add lift.
"Right in my backyard"
is very good reminiscent of "Wizard of Oz". This is the strongest song of the three on this
- Pro Reviewer
"It's really good!" - Rosalie Howarth - KFOG/San Francisco Go In Through the Door:
His guitar-playing, voice and charisma create this moving ambience.
Pure gold. What a musician!

* Joerg Sommermeyer -
Go In Through the Door:
Michael has an insatiable appetite for excellence in songwriting, this is a lovely acoustic and vocals track and I'd love to see him live!
* Colin Lynch -
Longest Night of the Year:
If you like Neil Young then you'll enjoy this.Great voice for this style and a good song with jangly
guitar. Retro Cool !!

* Peter C -